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Auntie Landa

Yolanda Williams, affectionately known as “Auntie Landa” is a self-made real estate mogul with her sights set for the big screen! At the tender age of twenty-five Landa purchased her first building in Harlem, New York. She went on to open several commercial properties and homes across the tri-state area. With all these outstanding accolades, Landa’s proudest moment is surviving cervical cancer in 2016 with the love and support of her sisters and nice glass of wine.

IG: @askauntielanda


Auntie Fran

Francine Lewis is a deeply insightful, food-loving, mother of one – but Auntie to many!. Growing up in one of Harlem’s most illustrious communities, Esplanade Gardens, and daughter of a single-hardworking-father. Francine looked her sister-friends in the community to keep her grounded –which is where she credits much of her compassion and intuitive advice. She is a proud Dolton graduate and self-proclaimed bourbon connoisseur. 

IG: @askauntiefrancine

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Auntie Wendy

Wendy Bender is a loving mother of three children and one grandchild – so much so she has been quoted as saying she was “placed on this earth to be a mother.” She is a former store owner and stylist diva who loves a good bargain; in fact she can often be found in the thrift shops of the Upper East Side where she now resides. There is nothing Wendy enjoys more than, shopping, and good Vodka cocktail, and spending time with her sisters! 

IG: @askauntiewendy